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Hand drawn using archival pigmented ink on acid free paper, approx 8 x 10 inches.  This original drawing is available.  Please use the Contact Form below to inquire


origin of species

Featured in Diagram Magazine; Part of Paperworks 2011 winners show (a national competition) juried by Gene McHugh

Artist Notes

Pen and ink artistic musings on autotrophs, heterotrophs and the prebiotic chemistry that enabled life.

Exhibited at the Paperworks exhibition, bj spoke gallery, Huntington NY, 2011, curated by Gene McHugh

There are a number of ideas kicking about regarding how Life, and living cells first started. One intriguing idea suggests that the bubbles. micelles, vesicles and other microenvironments formed by surfactants and amphiphiles created the protected environment needed for proteins to assemble and fold, and for RNA and DNA to work their replicating magic.

A small enough bubble or container is also more likely to contain an enantiomeric excess of chiral molecules.

The drawing “Origins of Species” is focused on the prebiotic chemistry and physics that set the stage for biological processes. If you toss DNA into a biochemical soup, the encoded life form doesn’t spontaneously emerge.  There are other complex chemical structures and phenomena that had to be present and to develop alongside genes and self-replicating nucleic acids.   Some odd little notions on prebiological “proto-life” form the structure and theme of “Origins of Species”. Nothing is to scale, neither absolute nor relative scale. But there IS a bit of chirality.

The Title is a bit of a riff on Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. Instead of describing the variations within Life, and the Biology of diversity, we look back a bit further and try to imagine the underlying and unifying Physics behind living organisms.



Origins of Species Original ink Drawing



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