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Tracks, 24 in h x 30 in wide, ink with acrylic and metal powder on paper/composite “Artboard” panel.



Artboard is similar to paper, but it is composited with an archival thermosetting epoxy resin, making it hard, stiff, and mildew resistant. The texture is interesting for ink paintings and acrylic washes. “Tracks” combines acrylic washes with ink wash techniques. the painting is then built up with acrylic and ink splatter, striping, and action painting. A final layer of acrylic tar gel, tweaked to create very fine striations, completes the piece and adds body. Nice impact from far away and VERY detailed up close. The title alludes to the particle tracks in Cloud Chamber images, and many of the painted linear tracks mimic the tracks for subatomic events. Just don’t try to assign charges and masses – it’s art not diagram.




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Detail Images:

The layered fluid approach that i used creates an interesting piece overall with lots of little details up close.  A few closeups are shown in the gallery below.