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Acrylic on stretched canvas, 12 × 12 original painting.


Acrylic on 12 × 12 stretched canvas, painted in layers using various texturizing techniques to pattern and prepare the surface at each step and transparent media to allow each layer to show through.

“Percolation” in Science is a process very similar to everyday percolation, for example a coffee percolator. In the percolating coffeepot, hot water finds a tortuous path through tightly packed coffee grounds in the basket. “Percolation” is the process of forming a continuous path through a medium – a gel, a packed bed of coffee grounds, a colloid, something more exotic, etc. Generally short paths or interconnected structures form first and as these paths or chains grow, they start to connect. With each connection the average path length increases greatly, until a threshold is reached. Below the threshold the paths or chains are isolated, whereas above the threshold the paths percolate through the medium, forming a continuous network.


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12 x 12 inch mixed media painting



The fractal dimension of the percolation by in...
The fractal dimension of the percolation by invasion cluster at the percolation threshold is 91/48=1.89 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)