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Hand drawn ink on paper, 14″ w x 11″ h.  Archival pigmented ink and archival art marker on coated acid free paper.  Entirely hand drawn (no computer)


Artist Notes

Prismacolor archival art marker and Sakura pigma micron utrafine pigmented flet tip pen on acid free coated RENDR paper. 11 × 14 inches.

An artists visualization of a potential well for a complex thermodynamic process such as protein folding. According to one popular theory, proteins have a unique natured state, which represents the lowest potential energy at the bottom of a deep energy well. Because the folding process is complex, the deep well is surrounded by shallower wells. These represent structural traps or misfolds, states where the molecule can end up and become stuck if it starts to head down the wrong path because of environmental conditions or just random events. You can imagine the red and pink circles as shallow traps along the spiraling paths down into the potential wells. The darker purple is a robust path into the well. The stippled patterns are low probability paths and events that create the complex and detailed geometry of the well.

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