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Pigmented ink – ultrafine line felt tip pen and archival art marker on acid free drawing paper (medium weight). 18 in h x 24 in w


Archival art marker and archival pigmented ink micron felt tip pen on acid free drawing paper. 18 × 24 inches.
Self-similarity simply means that a pattern or feature looks similar or occurs across many length scales. In Somewhat Self-Similar Striping, undulating lines define stripes. The similar shapes traced out by broad art marker strokes, fine art marker lines and fine and ultrafine black felt tip pen lines define a regime of self-similarity. As Art hand-drawn by an artist, the drawing cannot explore the sample space needed for true statistical self-similarity, hence it is “Somewhat” Self-Similar Striping.

Self-similarity is a feature often associated with fractals. In the fractal Art and fractal textures generated by computes, the self-similarity is fairly deterministic and precise – the same shape is repeated at ever smaller sizes to comprise the fractal. There is also a statistical version, where geometry can vary more, but statistically space is filled in similar ways across multiple length scales (or “sizes”).



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Somewhat Self-Similar Striping

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