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Acrylicand mixed media on canvas, 36 w x 30 h inches;  1.5 inch stretchers with painted sides

Original is SOLD                       Giclees are available (Click here)


threads of water


Threads of water uses layers of transparent acrylic media threaded with more viscous streams of paint to create a feeling of transparency, depth and a play of light and color. Lenses, retroreflective spheres and other glass and polymer objects worked into the paint film cast and manipulate the light hitting the painting in novel ways. These “light effects” move and evolve as the viewer interacts with the painting and moves through the room, and are also sensitive to changing light. The result is a very active work that will exhibit subtle scintillating effects under some conditions.


If the viewer is directly in line with the painting and a light source (within a few degrees), the retroreflective media become highly reflective.  Normally these media are nearly invisible, but as the viewer moves past the painting they create bright scintillating patterns.  the above image was taken with a flash, which causes all of the hidden retroreflective media to reflect very brightly all at once.  In more normal lighting the effect is subtle and moves with the viewer.
The theme explored is the oceans, their web of life, and their role in both sustaining life on earth and in creating our world’s unique geochemistry. The soft motion and changeability imparted by the optics accentuate the nature of the subject. Threads of water is one of a group of paintings exploring ecological order as a way to understand complexity. Tree, branching, weave, and network symbols and themes are used to portray connectivity, pattern emergence, and in some cases disruption and disintegration of the ecological order.