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oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, original is SOLD,  no giclees available.



oil on canvas, 30 in by 30 in, 2011
Urban Ecology was created for a community art show here in Arlington, MA. The original oil painting is currently for sale through the Arlington Center for the Arts ( in the Gibbs Gallery). US$1500.00

One of the notable features of Arlington is the dedicated bike an walking trail built on retired rail tracks. The trail connects the Spy Pond and several other town parks, crisscrosses a little stream, an more or less parallels the major thoroughfare, Massachusetts Avenue.
Together with the ponds, the Mystic River, and the myriad of parks of all sizes, the trail forms part of a network of green places within the town.

“Urban Ecology”refers to the interpenetration and interaction of the built environment (indigo), parkland and nature brought into the town’s establishments (green and brown) as habitats for plants an animals, the streams and wetlands (deep blue swaths) and the increasingly interconnected human/information network (deep red).

We increasingly hear “ecology” use to describe ecological order and complexity in areas ranging from innovation to information to urban engineering.

The shapes of the red structure are reminiscent of soldered circuitry, and also of injection mole parts before trimming, whereas the green an brown linear patterns utilize forms from algae, marine animals, and shrubs an trees. The patchiness and varied color of the background are similar to the patchwork of natural and engineered interdependent structures and spots in the commercial and park areas.

One of a series of paintings addressing scientific imagery as metaphorical visual information. Through a change of context, these paintings (and drawings) explore an communicate the experiential aspects of investigation and discovery. By providing an alternative abstracted depiction of worlds an ideas that cannot be directly seen, a connection is built to the everyday world of objects.