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information for the press and information by the press


Nerdly Painter Info sheet – the basics:

link to the synopsis info page

download pdf:  short press sheet – bio statement exhibits contacts; updated June 2016

Reviews, blog features, interviews

accessible online, linked list here:

(or download a pdf with working links: Press links featuring Valluzzi  )

Press Releases


Insight and Allusion Solo exhibition in Brighton, MA, 2012

Driven to Abstraction at the Old Shwamb Mill in Arlington, MA, 2012

Artwork by Valluzzi featured on the cover of the Art exhibit catalog, Joint Mathematics Meeting 2013, and on Focus Feb/March 2013

Rising Above, Invitational exhibit, curated by Carson Grant 2011

Download Pdfs

Regina Valluzzi announced as Guest Artist for Prick of the Spindle Vol 5_4 (write up)

“Archimedes Chiral” Featured on the cover of the Joint Mathematics Meeting Art Exhibit Catalogue, 2013 (Press release)

Insight and Allusion Solo Exhibition, 2012 (Press release)

Gallery and Studio review of Rising Above, invitiational exhibit, NYC 2011 (write up)

Winter show “Driven to Abstraction”, 2012 at the old Schwamb Mill in Arlington, MA (Press Release)

Press sheet -one page bio, statement, exhibition highlights, awards, last updated 3/2013

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