Keystone, oil on linen

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Keystone, oil and alkyd on stretched primed linen, 24 x 24 inches in a light wood colored float style frame (approx 26 x 26 including the frame).


The title “Keystone” refers to an idea from Ecological Science, the “Keystone species”.

The keystone of a bridge or work of masonry is an important stone that holds together the structure by helping balance various stresses and forces. The Keystone species in an Ecological system works in a similar manner, having a unique breadth and depth of impact in regulating the ecosystem.  Wolves are believed to be a keystone species.  Trees are also a keystone, even though they are plants and not animals.


“Keystone” is an abstracted tree in a style that could be called “Abstract Surrealism”.  Biological shapes and forms coalesce into a trunk and branches.  Abstract patterns and subtly variegated shading suggest leaves, while circular sponge-like patterns evoke the microstructures of the xylem and phloem of plants.


Prints and Merchandise


Giclee on Canvas, Direct from artist

Gallery wrapped on 1.5 inch deep canvas.  Black edges (email me if you want white or printed edges)

12 x 12 inches .. $   80.00 .. [wpecpp name=”12 inch giclee of Keystone” price=”80″]


16 x 16 inches .. $ 120.00 ..[wpecpp name=”16 inch giclee of Keystone” price=”120″]


18 x 18 inches .. $ 150.00 .. [wpecpp name=”18 inch giclee of Keystone” price=”150″]


24 x 24 inches .. $ 215.00 .. [wpecpp name=”24 inch giclee of Keystone” price=”215″]


30 x 30 inches .. $ 250.00 .. [wpecpp name=”30 inch giclee of Keystone” price=”250″]


36 x 36 inches .. $ 400.00 .. [wpecpp name=”36 inch giclee of Keystone” price=”400″]


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