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Precision Versus Accuracy, original ink drawing

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Original archival ink drawing, 18″ h x 24 ” w  on acid free paper.  Signed and titled on front.

Ships free in the USA (or pick it up in Boston).

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Original archival ink drawing, 18″ h x 24 ” w  on acid free paper.  Signed and titled on front.

Ships free in the USA (or pick it up in Boston).  Please inquire about shipping to other locations – I can usually cover most of the costs.  Original paintings from my shop ship fully insured with a typical turnaround time of roughly 10 business days (less for small items).  Once they’re with the shipper, actual transit times vary by destination.


I will gladly exchange or refund work that you do not like if notified within 30 days of receipt.  Customer pays the shipping on returns and/or exchanges.  Most people like them better in person.


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A large ink drawing based on intersecting circles. Windsor and Newton Pigmented Ink Markers, Prismacolor black art marker, sakura micron pigma felt tip fine line pens on Strathmore drawing paper.
Precision and accuracy are important concepts in measurement science, and are key concepts in Applied Physics. They do not mean the same thing. A measurement is precise when the value is highly reproducible. An accurate measurement returns values that are close to the expected real value. Ideally one wants both qualities.
The drawing is a playful depiction of the concept, with circles of a variety of sizes and qualities arrayed near the center of the drawing (some accuracy, but low precision). These contrast with clusters of more similar and closely spaced circles located off-center (some precision, low accuracy). There are also a few that are precise enough to be concentric, and are accurate enough to be close to the center.
Aside from the cheeky depiction of the concept, the drawing expresses a feature of all of the pieces in my Idea Cycles series, the interplay of freehand drawing versus compass, ruler and template assisted figures. The manner in which these features interact suggests the differences between precision and accuracy in a number of ways. Compass drawn circles are precisely circular, with their centers accurately placed where intended. Free hand shapes are less precisely geometric, but their placement is highly accurate as is their reflection of artist’s intent. The shapes added with inking templates are also precisely geometric, but more difficult to accurately place. Their tendency to bleed and smudge affects both the accuracy and precision of line widths and edges (accuracy because the width and roughness vary, precision because the variation is highly random in location direction and magnitude).

An Idea Cycles series drawing using a combination of completely freehand techniques juxtaposed with the very exact geometries of ruler, compass and drafting templates.


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