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Scattering Events, original ink drawing

$ 1,800.00

Complex abstract circles and patterns: 30 x 20  inch ink drawing on Bristol board (smooth archival paperboard).


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30 x 20 inch ink drawing on Bristol board (smooth archival paperboard).

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Ink, Marker and Paint on Paper.

A number of the drawings I’ve been working on use freehand details that combine with strong ruler assisted lines and compass and template constructed circles. The geometries using drafting tools construct the “bones” of each drawing. One advantage of using a toll like a compass to create perfect circles is concentricity. Circles can be closely nested, dashed line, thin line and strong line circles can be created, and it’s relatively straightforward to create patterns of rings that share a common center or origin.

Having spent years interpreting different types of polycrystalline diffraction patterns, I find that these patterns of rings are informed by years of looking at, illustrating, modeling and analyzing that data.

I also spent years studying and understanding diffraction, scattering, elastic and inelastic versions of those phenomena, multiple scattering, absorption and all of the Physics around scattering and diffraction phenomena. The visualized ideas of propagating and interacting waves from multiple centers evoke that physics.

These two length scales and views of scattering events comprise the large part of the drawing, with minute details alluding to additional events and imperfections, and also evoking some of the detail and wonder of seeing a molecular structure in oddly graded and sampled patterns of arcs and rings.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 34 × 28 × 3 cm


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