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Quantum Foam

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Archival art marker and ultrafine line pigmented ink felt tip pen on acid free paper.  11″ h x 14″ w.  Matted (mat dimension 16″ h x 20″ w)

quantum foam


Hand drawn (with my hand holding a pen on a piece of paper), 11 × 14 inch original. ZOOOM IN!

Archival art marker and pigmented felt tip pen on Crescent “RendR” acid and lignin free paper (similar to a Bristol Board).

“Quantum Foam” is an artist’s visualization of a concept from Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. At very small length scales and in very high vacuum, space time is believed to be very active, full of short-lived virtual particles that spontaneously appear and disappear. the shape of the universe may also be very complex and convoluted at these length scales like a writhing self-similar foam.