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Aesthetic Experiments Science Art solo Exhibition

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The virtual Version is here: Aesthetic Experiments Virtual Gallery

Exhibit runs 2/5 – 3/7
Reception on Friday 2/7

A solo exhibition of my work “Aesthetic Experiments”  will be at the Remis Gallery in The Governor’s Academy in Byfield in February (North of Boston, near Newburyport).  The exhibit will feature primarily major works (ask to see smaller pieces outside the exhibit).  It will include:

  • Ink drawings and works on paper inspired by scientific diagrams and technical figures
  • Abstract paintings of science concepts
  • Painting experiments that exemplify a Physical Chemists approach to acrylic and mixed media painting

Many of the Aesthetic Experiments in the title refer to recent experiments I’ve performed on canvas to push and test the limits of the acrylic painting system.  Often these experiments use novel additions to acrylic in mixed media and custom paint experiments.  Examples include nanocoated “flip” pigments, stacked surplus military and scientific optics incorporated into mixed media paintings and other systematic “tweaks” to the paint chemistry and physics and challenge the flat and static nature of traditional painting.

Drawing experiments feature novel approaches to ink and paper that engineer around and solve specific challenges with combining water based media on paper.

The exhibit will debut the major works in my Optics, Fluid Dynamics and Reinvented Landscapes series of paintings, exhibited together to allow visitors to see the evolution of media from experiment to experiment.  My abstract themed series and more representational works play off one another, with the abstract work used to test and experiment with ideas while the more representational Reinvented Landscapes build prototypes around the results of the painting experiments.

I plan to also create some interpretive materials for the exhibit to help people make the connection between the art on exhibit and the scientific data and concepts that inspired the art.

Exhibit runs 2/5 – 3/7
Reception on Friday 2/7

1 Elm Street     Byfield, MA 01922     (978) 465 1763


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