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Scientists will often take raw data and process it through numerous layers of interpretation before presenting their findings to the world.  Layers of interpretation and distillation involving tacitly understood symbols and highly codified rules for graphics make scientific figures deeply informative to scientists trained to read them.   However in a very real sense, technical figures and illustrations contain more layers of oblique symbolism than the Religious paintings of the great pre-20th Century masters.  The symbolic contact of many technical figures can act as a visual “jargon”,  making the imagery in a research paper impenetrable to laypeople.  As Visual jargon, scientific illustration conventions can also impede the communication of genuinely novel ideas.   Inventors and innovators often find themselves navigating a tangle of “this means exactly that” in their use of imagery to portray ideas.


In her body of Science-inspired ink drawings, Dr. Valluzzi explores the visual jargon or Science Diagramming.  Transformed into Art, many ideas that would otherwise be opaque and impenetrable become engaging sparks for the viewer’s curiosity.  The highly detailed and complex drawing often sidestep the visual codifications of technical diagrams in favor of lucid and evocative representations of theory and suggestions of phenomenology.

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