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Some Art in its new home – MIT!

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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has purchased several of my science-themed paintings and drawings for their remodeled departmental offices.  They selected works with themes that touched on Materials Science (not too difficult, as Materials Science is a Central Science, touching on many other fields).  I still have giclees available of these pieces – scroll down past the image gallery for more info on where to buy giclees on canvas and art prints on paper.



Here are some photos of the pieces installed in their new home.



Have you ever wondered “How are art and science related”?  Or “How are art and science similar”?  Materials Science is one of the most Visual Sciences – Materials Scientists create really beautiful data and samples.  At MIT, The Materials Science Department does a lot more than fostering scientific Art on the walls.  The Department also maintains laboratories and facilities to keep traditional metallurgical techniques alive (a really serious forge!), a world class glassblowing lab, and other facilities used by Department Scientists, artist-scientists and Artists!  Plus a number of ultra-modern cutting edge 3-D printing and micro and nanofabrication labs!   Not to mention some really superlative electron microscopes and imaging facilities… all right in Cambridge, tucked away in Course 3. These labs might not be a definitive answer to everything about the relationship between art and science – but the DMSE (Department of Materials Science and Engineering) at MIT is a hotbed of people exploring the same questions and working on the same ideas.

Canvas giclees, art prints on paper, acrylic and metal prints and printed merchandise can be purchased Print-on-demand.  The best POD carrying my work for shipping to the Americas is Fine Art America, here.  The best POD for shipping to EU, UK, Australia and New Zealand is Red Bubble, Here.  These Science themed Giclees of Chemistry paintings and Materials Science Art make good gifts for chemical engineers.  There is a growing interest among scientists and engineers in having and enjoying art by artists who use science in their work.

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  1. Marlene Burns

    Congratulations, Regina! Well done and well deserved!