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Springy Representations

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Every year when the days start to become tolerably warm and long, I find myself painting flowers.  Daisy Days was the result of a spring painting mood, as were a set of small acrylic florals (Currently at the Seatuck Cove Inn on Eastern Long Island).

Picture of Daisy Days Springy Oil painting
Daisy Days, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches on 1.5 inch heavy duty wood stretchers. Impasto technique over wet wash.

This year it was flowers and beaches in acrylic.  Two paintings, Salt Marshes and Advancing Spring exemplify this year’s Spring painting fever.  To keep things interesting I took advantage of the unique transparency and elasticity of acrylic gel media.

Advancing Spring

Advancing Spring  is 30 × 36 inches on 1.5 inch stretchers. It was created using a combination of painting and pouring techniques. I’ve been experimenting with layering thick coats of transparent media, where color and form are brushed or knifed into the wet media. When this is done, the media does not completely dissolve the paint. Depending on the media used, the paint streaks are softened around the edges, or pulled apart into translucent diaphanous sheets and ribbons. By bringing the paint out of the wet media layer onto the canvas, smooth transitions between the techniques and their “looks” can be created, enhancing the effect of interleaved transparent and translucent forms. Extruded transparent heavy and soft gel with small amounts of added color provide structure and surface relief. Again, by drawing and smearing some of the heavy 3-D details into the painted areas and liquid-streaked areas smooth transitions and a complex interleaving is created. While the painting doesn’t look exactly like “trees” it captures the light and movement that I most admire about the season.

Some details from Advancing Spring highlight novel approaches to the acrylic medium:


Salt Marshes

Salt Marshes was created using a variety of poured, marbled, and impasto acrylic techniques in additional to traditional painting with a brush. 30 × 36 inches on 1.5 inch stretchers.
Inspired by coastal Long Island – the Eastern part, where I maintain strong ties.

These are currently at Seyfarth Shaw Law offices in downtown Boston.   The show was arranged through ArtVenue.  Art Venue is local startup that provides logistical support to artists and alternative venues.  They help match up art, artists  and exhibition locales.