Transitioning to the Tree of Life

Out of Balance and “network” themed works leading to the Tree of Life Series Tour the Exhibit “Aesthetic Experiments” online.  Use the links below to navigate to other sections of the exhibit. Navigation:           Previous             … Read More

Tree of Life 2-6 in progress update

I’ve been working on a series about branched interactions and tree symbols.  The working title for the series is “Tree of Life“.  The title has  a dual meaning.  Life, the relatedness between organisms in an ecosystem, the shared heredity of … Read More

Tree of Life 2 – In progress and finished

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been working on a “Tree of Life” themed series of mixed media paintings.  For me,  the “Tree of Life” idea and its visual motifs are a subset of “Ecological Order“.  The series includes … Read More

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