Janine Riley – Depth in the details

This article continues my series on the illusion of Depth in painting, with a focus on contemporary artist Janine Riley.  Prior articles (more general) are Depth in painting, a short into; and The Road to Perspective (development of depth in … Read More

Older landscapes

Older Landscapes and more traditional impressionist style pieces. Red and Blue (Sold)        Giclees available   Ocean Mood 3,   available,   54 x 60 inches Edge of Eden,  available,                                giclees available Heavenly View,  Sold Riverbank, Sold Flowers Growing Up a … Read More

An interview with artist Charlie Spear

This is the second in my series of interviews with artists you may not know about, but whose work I find remarkable. Charlie Spear is based in Peru, Indiana and the countryside and his landscapes never fail to capture a … Read More

Tree of Life 2-6 in progress update

I’ve been working on a series about branched interactions and tree symbols.  The working title for the series is “Tree of Life“.  The title has  a dual meaning.  Life, the relatedness between organisms in an ecosystem, the shared heredity of … Read More

Retroreflection, baby!

A number of my recent acrylic paintings incorporate lenses and other optics.  These optics allow the painting to transition from depicting light and color to actually focusing, casting, and directly manipulating the ambient light in the room. (Purchasing information is … Read More

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