Eureka and a little bit of Disco – Grails series

I’m currently working on a set of mixed media paintings about discovery in the Chemical and Materials Sciences.   I’m calling the series “grails”, and gilding the stars of each discovery.   There’s a bit of the mythical quest involved … Read More


I just finished going over the online proofs of my images and text for Diagram magazine.  Sorry – not allowed to share the proofs page (you’ll just have to wait).  I enjoy popping in to the Diagram online presence.  It’s … Read More

Oil paint as a polymer – drying

1.  That slooow drying oil paint Oil paint can take a long time to dry.   When it’s thinned with turpentine the turpentine evaporates quickly and the paint “dries”, but sometimes that layer can still be smudged.  What is it about … Read More

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