» » » Interviewed by Cynthia Reeser for Tampa Review Online

Interviewed by Cynthia Reeser for Tampa Review Online

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The online Art and Literature journal “Tampa Review online” (or TRon) has published a very readable interview feature on my inspiration and work.  I was very pleased with Editor Cynthia Reeser’s questions.  They helped me to organize some of my own thoughts on Art and Science and how one can inspire the other.  You can read the interview here:  Cynthia Reeser Interviews Regina Valluzzi for TRon

gelid seascape

The interview features a number of images of my work, with a nice balance of thematic continuity and artistic variety.

The backstory:

About a year ago, some of my work was featured as a portfolio of online images at the online presence of “Prick of the Spindle“.  Prick of the Spindle is an Art and Literary small press magazine with hardcopy editions and a separate website with extra goodies.   Interphases and Grains, one of my ink drawings, is featured on the internet splash page (the original drawing is sold, sorry).

Interphases and grains
Interphases and grains

My drawing “Leafy Jewels” was featured on the cover of one of the hardcopy printed issues.  There is also a portfolio of several of my works in their online Gallery section (follow the links or just click here to go directly to the Valluzzis)


The editor remembered me and my work as she began work on the newer journal, TRon.  Now I have a very nice feature there as well.

I suppose the moral of the story is to be nice to Lit review editors.  I’ve found that the people who create these small artsy and wordsy magazines are always a unique experience – enjoyable, surprising, and just fun to work with.  So if you’re a fellow artist reading this, think about submitting (for free) to a clutch of art and lit magazines and see where it takes you.  I’ve included some links from various people beginning to create and edit small press magazines.

Good places to scope out magazines:

  1. The review  review      (http://www.thereviewreview.net/)
  2. New Pages     (http://www.newpages.com)
  3. Council of Literary Magazines and Presses        (http://www.clmp.org/)
  4. Poets and Writers      (http://www.pw.org/)
  5. The Literary underground     (http://theliteraryunderground.org/)

The last one is much more focused on underground (as per the title) and features a links page to even more lists and data bases.  Portal!